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10X experience for every trader
X10 perpetuals launching soon
Seamless and powerful
Experience lightning-fast trading with diverse markets, deep liquidity and advanced order types. Enjoy up to 50x leverage, <40ms end to end latency for order execution and instant trade finality.
Self-custody and transparency
Retain true ownership of funds benefiting from enhanced security of Zero Knowledge Proofs on Ethereum. Enjoy transparency and fairness with absence of frontrunning and MEV.
Vast fiat infrastructure
Access cheapest on- and off-ramps with industry-leading banking partners. Secure instant fiat transaction settlements through card payments and bank transfers.
Low fees and rebates
Benefit from gas-free trading, minimal taker fees and competitive maker rebates.
Diverse markets
Best product for everyone
Seamless onboarding
Customizable web interface
Advanced order types
Multiple trading accounts
Lean mobile app
Reliable partners
We are coming from
We are an ex-Revolut team with hands-on experience in launching fintech products for millions of retail users. Additionally, our team has extensive expertise in building highly performant trading infrastructure for top-tier TradFi companies and CeFi exchanges.
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